View your docs anywhere...

Delivering a range of documents and pictures to the broadest array of mobile devices does not always mean giving away control of your device's look and feel or being constrained by system design.


ViewWrx screenshot

Differentiate with a premium viewing experience

ENTWRX ViewWrx SDK allows you, the manufacturer, to design your own application around a feature-packed engine for content delivery and consumption. ViewWrx is delivered as a linkable library containing the core features for loading documents, displaying them on screen and handling navigation through any user interface.

Extensive file compatibility

ViewWrx can be configured to load documents in a variety of formats direct from the original files without conversion. Content is rendered by ENTWRX's benchmark, high quality graphics engine with realistic page layout, interactive control and anti-aliased resolution enhancement.

Cross platform compatibility

ViewWrx uses ENTWRX's well-established platform independent porting layer to allow easy integration. An ENTWRX-defined API allows you to appropriately intercept or execute system calls.

Filing system access can be limited to selected folders; memory allocation can be balanced with other applications; key-presses can be assigned to suitable functions for action.

Simple integration

ENTWRX has delivered ViewWrx on dozens of platforms and offers a training and support programme to ensure efficient integration and optimal performance. A working prototype is generally demonstrable after about two weeks of joint engineering effort, after which a cycle of testing ensures complete satisfaction.

Product highlights

ViewWrx empowers your engineers to put state-of-the-art features in front of your users, while retaining complete control of appearance and capabilities. ViewWrx offers a broad spectrum of powerful document manipulation features:

  • Pan and zoom, fit page to screen, rotate.
  • Change to next, previous, or specified page.
  • Animated page turn effects.
  • Hide off-screen, full-screen mode.
  • Reformat large pages to fit on small screen.
  • Font engine providing scalable fonts.
  • Bi-directional text.
  • Receive control input by keypad or touch-screen.
  • Compatible with most European, Asian and other language regions.

Inside ViewWrx SDK

Freeform pan and zoom
The highly responsive real-time rendering engine is capable of an infinitely variable zoom range which provides instantaneous feedback to the user as they interact with their content.

Platform independence
Providing powerful PC functionality and experience to lowend devices across all platforms. ENTWRX ViewWrx uses platform independent code, making integration straightforward on any operating system.

High fidelity rendering
ENTWRX's ViewWrx technology delivers faithful replication of desktop content on mobile. The powerful font engine ensures sharp and crystal clear font representation no matter how small the screen.

Performance and requirements

ViewWrx can open, display and manipulate content in remarkably short amounts of time. The time taken to load a file varies dependent on a document's contents. The ViewWrx SDK can run in small, configurable time slices (defaulting to 200ms) to facilitate shared execution even on non-multi-tasking devices. Most keystroke and gesture actions are completed in a moment, giving truly immersive interactivity.

ViewWrx requires around 1.5Mb of ROM, with approximately 300Kb more for Asian fonts. At runtime, a working heap of 4Mb is sufficient. If this memory is exhausted, large documents will be loaded page by page. ENTWRX recommends a processor speed of 200MHz or more, and a full colour (16bpp) screen with at least 176x144 pixels. These figures are for guidance only.

File formats

Microsoft Word 97, 2003, 2007, 2010 .doc .docx,
Excel 97, 2003, 2007, 2010 .xls .xlsx,
PowerPoint 97, 2003, 2007, 2010 .ppt .pptx,
Adobe PDF .pdf, Plain text .txt, Bitmap images .jpg .bmp .png .gif, Vector images .wmf .emf.

Rendering and font engine

Optimised display manager, Pan and Zoom, Capability, Anti Aliasing and advanced scaling technology. ENTWRX Type Rendering, Vector Fonts - Postscript (1,2,3), TrueType, OpenType.

Operating systems

ViewWrx operates on multiple platforms, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS. Other platforms including RTOS subject to integration.


Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian.